Learn how to master the SAID Principles of Adaptation and Progressive Overloading for hypertrophy and muscular development.


Definition: Progressively increasing the demand on musculature over time to force specific adaptations due to overloading and SAID principles.


In this eBook, we will focus primarily on driving hypertrophy and muscle development through the use of progressive overloading mechanisms.


Applying Progressive Overloading to the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model:

1) Flexibility & Stabilization phase with light cardio early in prep (beginner) to build the foundation

2) Intermediate phase with strength endurance to prepare joints and prime movers for subsequent training intensity

3) Hypertrophy phase for maximizing muscle growth. Increased cardio to improve body composition. (Medium/Advanced)

4) Advanced microcycle grounded in hypertrophy/strength/power during prep. Increased cardio to facilitate body comp goals...